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Welcome to the website of Neal Hirschfeld

In American Gangster, the Feds took down infamous heroin dealer Frank Lucas. But the kingpin behind Lucas's criminal reign, Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, remained "Mr. Untouchable.” Until one undercover agent proved tough enough–or crazy enough–to infiltrate his domain and nail the most murderous drug czar in American history. In an unforgettable first-person narrative, co-written with Neal Hirschfeld, Diaz tells his gritty, colorful, painful, and even humorous life story—a story with all the raw emotional power and bare-knuckle action of Wiseguy and Serpico. From Lou Diaz’s headline-making cases against Nicky Barnes and the Medellín cartel . . . to his account of outwitting a key villain linked to the record-breaking heist known as The Great English Train Robbery . . . to his all-out confrontations with murderous gunrunners and drug dealers on the mean streets of New York. . . to his leading of commando raids on clandestine cocaine labs inside the Bolivian jungles…to his later success in becoming a Hollywood actor, Dancing with the Devil is an explosive memoir that stands as a classic of true-crime literature.