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Other Works


Writer under contract to HBO Showcase Films/Citadel Pictures for teleplay titled Operation C-Chase, based on true story of U.S. Customs agents in Tampa, Fla., who initiated undercover sting operation to expose money laundering and drug dealing by Colombian cartels and, along the way, exposed corrupt dealings of now-defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

Writer under contract to Universal Television for pilot of t.v show about Bo Dietl, legendary New York City cop-turned-private eye.

Writer under contract to Tri-Star Films and Martin Bregman Productions for original screenplay titled Diamonds in the Rough, based on true story of George Washington High School championship baseball team.

Writer under contract to Warner Brothers and Martin Bregman Productions for In From the Cold, original screenplay based on author’s own magazine article about New Jersey state trooper who went undercover into the Mafia and later experienced psychological difficulties.